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Angel and Sergio

Angel and Sergio are two boys full of life, smart, sweet, fun loving and very energetic. They live with their single mother who works tirelessly to try to meet the many needs of each child. Angel is a 7 year … Learn more



Tan is a sweet 7 year old twin boy diagnosed with Autism ,ADHD and folds in his vocal cords which makes expressive language very difficult. Tan was born prematurely at 25 weeks gestation and was in the Neonatal Intensive care … Learn more



Background: Aaron was born in November 19, 2002 in Miami, weighing 9 lbs. and measuring 21 inches. He was big and had the biggest cheeks for a new born baby ! He developed normally until he as 15 months old. … Learn more



Kevin is an energetic, affectionate, very funny 6 year old boy.  When he was 11 months old he experienced a febrile seizure, which is caused by having a fever higher than 102 degrees.  After that incident he never had another … Learn more



Orledo is 12 year-old boy full of energy.  He loves music and dancing.  He likes to play basketball, and is obsessed with DVD’s.  Orledo was diagnosed a week before his fourth birthday with Autism.   Immediately after starting many therapies, Orledo’s … Learn more



What is Autism? What does it “look” like? Tori’s mother struggles with the idea that she could have done something differently/more. Victoria Rose was an 18 months old, happy, curious typical child, trying to babble/talk. Her parents soon began to … Learn more

Welcome to Angel Reach Foundation

Angels Reach Foundation, Inc. celebrates each child’s individual abilities as it fosters cognitive, communicative, self-regulation and social skills growth. By providing an individualized, comprehensive and evidence-based approach encompassing the most effective educational and therapeutic methodologies, we offer the unique opportunity to maximize each child’s potential at one location and under the supervision of a highly qualified team of professionals. Often, because of our unique ability to treat the whole child and support the particular family needs directly, we achieve extraordinary results for when multiple other intervention programs may have had only marginal effects.

Since 2004 Angels Reach has strived to serve as a centralized resource center for families seeking to understand and access the best support systems for their child’s special needs, including multiple therapeutic, academic, biomedical, counseling, recreational and funding options that may be available for each family.

We have earned local and international respect for our one-of-a-kind programming as well as for the extraordinary level of commitment and care offered by our specially trained team of professionals.

International Consultations and Guidance Available. Angels Reach offers assessments, training, programming and personalized guidance to families internationally. Consultations can be provided through internet/phone consultations, or we will fly out to work with your family and train your local professionals. Contact the Director for more information.

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