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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my child ever be able to do things as other typically developing children?

Autism and its related disabilities are receiving greater and greater attention from researchers, government sources and global communities. While no one can ever guarantee that your child will reach specific milestones by specific dates, neither can anyone definitively confirm that he or she will not.  There is absolutely so much that can be done for our children, and so much is being understood about these disorders in the last few years, that it is not only advisable, but also very realistic to urge caregivers to believe their child can accomplish the age appropriate skills desired.  We at Angels Reach have had the joy of working with over 1,000 families since our inception, and have been able to document extraordinary progress in our children.  Many families today are happily celebrating their previously diagnosed developmentally delayed child who now integrates seamlessly into regular community settings.  The journey to recovery is rarely ever quick nor easy, but it is absolutely possible if the family, the community and the professional caregivers collaborate to consistently, intensively and appropriately provide the necessary supports and interventions.  “All things are possible…”

How long has Angels Reach been offering services?

Angels Reach was founded in May 2004, as a result of the Directors’ daughter’s diagnosis of Autism, which reflected a 75% delay in most functional areas, and which through the unique Intervention approach of Angels Reach and the Director herself led to the full recovery of her daughter, and many more children since. Since it’s inception, Angels Reach has continued to grow, expanding its services to benefit children with varying kinds of developmental delays as well as to support typically developing children with advance abilities.

What does Angels Reach offer?

We offer both small group and individual clinical and academic programs for individuals with developmental delays, as well as family consultations and guidance, caregiver and professional training, school professional development, on site school support, family counseling, a full elementary school programming and inclusive recreational opportunities for children. In addition to our therapy services through our clinical facility, Angels Reach offers a McKay funded kindergarten-6th grade therapy-intensive, regular education inclusive school program.

Our small group programs integrate different therapy approaches in such as way as to best support each individual child’s needs. Therapy modalities include Developmentally based Speech/Language, Occupational, Sensory Integration, Auditory Integration, ABA/Verbal Behavior, Developmental Play Therapy, Socio-Relational ™ , Pragmatic Language, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Academic Support in a setting that mimics a school environment so as to facilitate school readiness for pre-school aged, and elementary aged children. H.A.N.D.L.E. methodologies are included along with complimentary sensory integration support. Additionally, Autism Movement Therapy is offered as both a component of a comprehensive treatment plan as well as a separate, independent methodology.

Our individual programs offer flexible scheduling for one-to-one or matched peer interventions including any of the interventions offered through our small group programs.

Families are also able to schedule private consultations to help determine what interventions, whether through Angels Reach or through others in the community, would best help their child progress. Additionally, private consultations are available with Behavior Specialists and Sensory Specialists to help discuss specific challenges.  

Our one of a kind school program offers students the opportunity to work with carefully selected peers who function within a similar range of ability in a classroom setting that allows for both intensive, individualized therapy and academic attention, as well as therapist supported inclusion into regular education classrooms.  Our Therapy Intensive Special Learning Classrooms support up to a maximum of 10 students working with an ESE certified educator who additionally has earned certification as a behavior technician and a minimum of 5 therapists who are also all certified behavior. All team members must additionally be trained in at least two therapy modalities, including child-centered developmental play, sensory integration and  Socio-Relational Intervention ™.   Students in these classrooms receive a minimum of 15 hours per week of customized 1:1 or 2:1 therapy interventions as well as 7.5 hours per week of individualized academic support.

What areas does Angels Reach serve?

Angels Reach serves children and families in the Miami-Dade and Broward areas through its clinical and school locations, however, we often receive families from different states and many countries who visit us for a period of time so that their children receive intensive and comprehensive interventions, and the caregivers are specifically trained to be able to continue implementation of our unique programming upon their return home.  Angels Reach Team Leaders continue to consult, monitor and advance programming through regular distant consultations.  Additionally, the Angels Reach Team Leaders are available to provide services nationally and internationally, meeting with families or professionals in their home city.

What makes the Angels Reach programming so uniquely effective?

Angels Reach is driven by first hand experience of what it is like to have a child with special needs, and this serves as the motivating force behind all we do.  Our therapists are never solicited, but rather referred directly to us. Additionally, all of our team of professionals are required to go through our distinct, intensive and comprehensive training program which enables our team to integrate techniques and knowledge from multiple therapy modalities into every session, regardless of the focal approach being implemented. But beyond putting together an impressive team of highly qualified therapists and supervisors, our most distinguishing mark, as noted by the many parents who entrust their children to us, is the extraordinary dedication and true affection our staff demonstrate for each child they work with. We emphasize that our organization values each child as if he or she were our own.

What are your Integrated Therapy and Academics Group Programs like?

Children are placed according to their functioning abilities within a group that will best meet their needs. Each group receives the same kinds of therapeutic interventions, but the focus may vary from one group to the next as children’s therapy rotations are arranged according to their specific needs. Children cannot display any severe mal-adaptive behaviors in order to participate in a group. The Therapy Intensive (TI) group consists of up to five children with a team of four permanent therapists and two supervisors. The focus in the TI group is in appropriate language development and independent play and living skills. Most of the therapy rotations are delivered 1:1 while at least one rotation will be 2:1 so that pragmatic skills are developed from the beginning. As the children progress we will add an additional rotation with a specifically selected peer. All children also benefit from a daily whole group social skills time, facilitated by all therapists working as a team.

The High Functioning group (HF) consists of up to six children with a permanent team of four therapists and two supervisors. At least three of the therapeutic rotations within this group will be purposely in a 2:1 ratio as these children do have language and social skills somewhat developed, but require additional support in using these skills with peers.

Our Cougars program is for very high functioning children whose main concern are appropriate communication and interaction with peers as well as academic reinforcement. These children tend to display difficulties in task focus, organization, concentration, and appropriate interactions. Often, children in this group have characteristics commonly seen in ADD/ADHD or Asperger’s Syndrome. This program is comprised of 2-3 carefully matched children who work together 2-4 times per week, focusing on appropriate communication, recreational/social activities and academics.

Placement is determined after direct observation by director/supervisors.

What is an initial private consultation like?

The director will sit with parents and the child in an open environment in order to conduct naturalistic observations of the child while obtaining detailed information from the parents. The purpose is to allow the child to explore and behave as he or she normally would in an environment that is made to feel welcoming and supportive. The consultation will cover any areas that may be of benefit to the child, with the intention to develop together with the parents a very comprehensive and individualized treatment plan that takes into consideration any aspects of treatment that may benefit the child, including therapeutic options, biomedical resources, academic support, family support, funding and insurance support options, counseling, holistic interventions, and may include referrals to other well recognized organizations in the community which may offer additional support. This consultation is very comprehensive and may bring in supervisors from different clinical areas in order to determine what will help this child most at this moment and may take over 2 hours to complete.

What are your days and hours of operation?

Integrated Therapy and Academics Group ™ sessions are held Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 11:30 am, and from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm during the school year.

Summer camp includes the continuation of our same clinical programs along with additional social skills camp programs which integrate special needs children with specially trained typically developing peer mentors. Summer hours may change to accommodate increased morning availability and an optional full day program is available which extends the therapeutic and academic programs with a social skills camp experience.  Summer also allows us the opportunity to offer a Creative Learning Program for typically developing children who demonstrate advanced academic abilities.

Individual therapy sessions may be scheduled between 7:00 am and 7:30 pm, Mondays through Saturdays.

The Angels Reach Special Learning School Program follows the MDCPS calendar. The school day is from 8:30-3:00, with before and after school care available.

Do you offer home services?

While we do provide occasional home and school support for children participating within our group or individual programs, we do not routinely schedule home therapy services, unless it is in the best interest of the child. We are able to service a child where ever needed, including our clinical center, our school program, other school settings, in the home, or within the community.

Do you offer any financial aid?

We are a public charity and can often times offer grant support to our families, or assist them in securing sponsorships for their children.  We also provide a means for parents to organize charitable fund raising events to benefit their children along with the overall programming. Additionally, we can also offer assistance with obtaining loans through Care Credit. Care Credit provides families with very inexpensive lines of credit for medical purposes, sometimes with 0% interest rates.

Do you accept insurance?

We will work with whichever insurance will provide coverage for ABA services, however, Angels Reach currently is in-network for those insurances accepted through UMBH (Av-Med, Jackson Memorial, CMS-21) as well as United Health Care PPO and Humana PPO. It may be possible, however, to acquire an individual case agreement with other insurance companies. Additionally, we work with most insurance companies for our Speech Therapy services and with Medicaid for our Occupational Therapy services. While these are only 3 of the several therapy modalities that may be critical for our children, most other therapy modalities are not accepted for coverage by most insurance companies. Angels Reach, however, is often able to assist families in accessing additional funding options for most therapy modalities.
To identify what benefits may be available to your child through insurance coverage, contact our Insurance Billing Department at 

Do you accept McKay Scholarships?

Yes, the Angels Reach Special Learning Program at Sunrise Christian Academy is able to work with families who have been awarded a McKay Scholarship for their child.

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