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About Angels Reach Foundation

Angels Reach Foundation was established in 2004 in response to the needs presented by one of the founder’s children, as well as the needs of other children with similar needs, who could not receive the most critically required interventions in the form most necessary for effective growth. Exhaustive searches throughout both Miami-Dade and Broward counties revealed only services addressing individual aspects of the problem, but there existed a lack of comprehensive, integrated, quality services for children with developmental delays, especially for high-fuctioning children who attempted to use stronger skills to compensate for foundational deficits.
Children were found to be grouped primarily by age, rather than by functioning abilities. Therefore, higher functioning children were placed in settings where appropriate peer modeling was not available, and where maladaptive behaviors could be imitated. Symptoms presented by children were often treated superficially and in isolation, without accounting for foundational and systematic deficits that significantly challenged progress despite intensive therapy. Angels Reach Foundation was established to finally offer the intensive, individualized, comprehensive and integrated intervention programs such special children need and deserve.

Angels Reach Foundation - Our Mission

Our Mission

Angels Reach Foundation is committed to assisting children with a range of abilities and needs to consistently develop their individual strengths and maximize learning and functioning potential through innovative, comprehensive, and individualized treatment programs and caregiver support. We provide family and community support in therapeutic, educational and biomedical interventions for children demonstrating developmental delays including Autism, Apraxia, ADHD, emotional or behavioral challenges and other functional delays. We offer children with varying abilities a place to feel welcomed and nurtured, and to receive integrated interventions. We offer children with varying abilities a place to feel welcomed and nurtured, and to receive integrated interventions. These interventions foster appropriate skill development and enhance learning, communication, and social functioning so that each child may fulfill his greatest capabilities. Our goal is to have each child develop into an independent adult with the capacity of becoming a contributing member of society. Our values of excellence, integrity, compassion, dedication, determination and respect drive our unique approach to assisting caregivers in meeting their children’s challenges and reaching potentials which others may dismiss. We firmly believe “anything is possible.”

Angels Reach Foundation - Vision & Growth

Vision & Growth

Current growth goals focus on the establishment of the Project Wings which will expand our unique Vocational Development Program and its inclusive collaboration with the Angels Reach Academy's Student Entrepreneurship Program to the community at large, and will now extend registrations to adults as well. The Project Wings expansion will be opening in 2019 in a newly constructed wing which is being added to our current beautiful 34,000 square foot facility in Hialeah Gardens. This ambitious project will not only develop Life, Social and Vocational skills in individuals with special needs, but will also function as a real business through which participants are able to find meaningful societal contributions as well as personal compensation and company share holding. A unique collaboration between educators, behavior analysts, occupational therapists and mental health counselors will work alongside with business specialists across various fields to develop a first of its kind inclusive vocational/entrepreneurial program. 

Additionally, the Angels Reach Wellness Pavilion will house research based complementary therapies, specialized nutritionists, and pediatric medical care along with family counseling, our original creative and performing arts programs, personal wellness and empowerment programs, as well as community support services.

Angels Reach’s Unique Benefits:

  • Integration of the most supportive therapy methods throughout a comprehensive therapy session facilitates optimal development across all areas of need
  • Focus on language, communication, social skills, self-regulation, and individual cognitive abilities to support school readiness
  • Daily one-on-one intensive attention by a professional, cross-trained and dedicated staff
  • Certified and degreed (including Doctoral level) educators, behavior analysts, and therapists
  • Individual, Functionally Matched Peer, and Small Group (average 1.5:1 child to therapist ratio) therapy sessions
  • Children individually selected for best functioning group or individual program within a supportive environment
  • Convenience and affordability of having the most successful interventions integrated within each session at one location
  • Nurturing environment where a child’s individual strengths and needs are regularly monitored and challenged
  • Proven to be uniquely effective at supporting maximum development in children
  • Parent support for participation includes private and/or group training as well as regular parent networking/support meetings
  • Special diets strictly observed with team members trained in basics of GF/CF food handling
  • Bilingual facilitators (English/Spanish)
  • Potty training assistance with support from behavior therapists
Angels Reach Foundation - Donation

Be an angel

With the support of individuals and corporations, Angels Reach has the ability to touch the hearts and change the lives of the children who study in our School. It is with great pride that we acknowledge and thank our donors and sponsors for their acts of kindness and generous support.