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Professional Staff

Angels Reach is driven by first hand experience of what it is like to have a child with special needs, and this serves as the motivating force behind all we do. Our therapists are not often solicited, but rather referred directly to us. Additionally, all of our team of professionals are required to go through our distinct, intensive and comprehensive training program which enables our team to integrate techniques and knowledge from multiple therapy modalities into every session, regardless of the focal approach being implemented.

Dorinda Luzardo
Dorinda Luzardo, MS Ed., MLIS

Founder & CEO

Dorinda (Dory) Luzardo began her career as an educator and continued to teach in Miami-Dade County Public Schools for over 20 years with students ranging in age from 3 year old pre-schoolers and elementary advanced learners in an International Baccalaureate Magnet Program through adult educational professionals enrolled in university programs.  Dory earned her first Masters Degree with honors in Gifted Education with additional certification in Teaching English as a Second Language from Nova University, and her second Masters Degree with honors in Library Information Sciences from the University of South Florida. Through years of training and experience,Dory learned to apply varying schools of thoughts, curricula and international methodologies to ensure that each student received individualized programming so as to gain necessary inner motivation and achieve the highest possible goals.

Autism became a life changing experience in Dory's life when one of her children was diagnosed at an early age, and this then became the catalyst for an intensive, nation-wide search for valid, research-based treatment and educational options. Dory learned from and trained with national experts for all possible bio-medical, clinical, and academic interventions that would lead to her child's extraordinary climb out of the silent world of Autism and into the active world of a typically developing child, functioning well within and beyond expected developmental levels, and participating in Gifted Education programs. Her child had begun to progress, but the need for an integrated, comprehensive, individualized and peer supported program setting soon became clearly evident. It was out of these needs that Angels Reach Foundation was created, bringing together state of the art clinical interventions for special needs children and advanced educational programming for regular and gifted learners. 

Dory continues to support the development of inclusive educational programming locally and internationally, serving as a consultant, speaker and trainer along with her amazing team from Angels Reach Foundation & Academy.

Allison Jump
Allison Jump, MA, BCBA

Senior Behavior Analyst

Danay Guijarro
Danay Guijarro, MA, BCBA

Supervising Behavior Analyst, Clinical Coordinator

Debbie Raygada
Debbie Raygada, MS, LMHC

Behavior Analyst & Mental Health Counselor

Deborah Raygada is a licensed Mental Health Counselor, She was born Peru and moved to Miami at the age of 9. She completed all her studies here in South Florida and  received her Masters degree at Nova Southeastern University in Mental Health Counseling in Davie,Florida. Her first experience with children was at the public school where she worked in the after school program. Then, she moved on to pursuing her mental health career and worked with psychologists and psychiatrists who were in private practice where she worked in  the administrative department . Once graduated with her Masters, she completed her internship at Jackson Memorial Hospital in the mental health unit working with the adult population doing group counseling, assessments and referrals. She then decided she wanted to work with children and started supporting the development of students at Angels Reach Academy.
Deborah has been with Angels Reach since January 2011-present. She is currently one of the Lead Analysts at Angels Reach. She has worked with children ages 2-16 years old doing ABA therapy, social skills and counseling groups.  Deborah has also conducted the Ambassadors Program which is a proprietary leadership skills program at Angels Reach.
Deborah is the mother of 2 young boys ages 2 and 6. She loves spending time with her family doing outdoor activities such as going to the beach and going to the park.

Laura Garcia, BS, PCM

Cherubim Wings Therapy Intensive Classroom Instructior

Amanda Sosa, MS, BCBA, PCM

Behavior Analyst & Clinical Coordinator

Dr. Julie Freiwald, PhD, SLP-CCC

Speech & Language Supervisor

Dr Julianne Freiwald, CCC/SLP has been practicing for 34 years. She graduated with honors from the University of Miami with a major in speech and hearing sciences, and a minor in psychology. She then entered the school of education where she took the classes necessary for a Florida Teaching Certificate K-12. After working with children and adolescents in the Broward County Schools for 5 years, she then enrolled in the Master of Speech-Language Pathology program at Nova Southeastern University. Following graduation, she had the honor of working in a private practice where she treated children and adults with developmental disabilities. Following that, she attended a special course at Harvard University Medical School, titled the Neurology of Behavior. Dr. Freiwald was the only speech-language pathologist to attend that particular course at that time. The remaining participants were neurologists, neuropsychologists and psychiatrists. Neuroscience became a targeted passion of hers. She went on to work at Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. This program was an experimental transdisciplinary approach under the direction of a well-respected neuropsychologist, Dr Alcuin Johnson. Children were brought into the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Unit from all over the world in various stages of coma. Results were amazingly and scientifically positive.
Following this position, Dr Julianne Freiwald, CCC/SLP worked as an independent contractor, a lecturer for Marion Publications and opened up a private practice in Miami, Florida. She then received her Doctor of Speech-Language Pathology at Nova Sourtheastern University. She provided treatment for individuals of all ages with various disabilities. She also was a state vendor for the Office of Disability as well as an expert witness in the Dade and Broward county court system.

Laura Nuñez, AS, RBT

Socio-Relational Therapy Assistant Supervisor

Melissa Herba

Lead RBT - Fine Motor


My name is Melissa Ada Herba. I was born on May 16, 1995 and raised in Hialeah, FL.  I am an MDC/FIU alumni graduated Cum Laude 2017. I currently hold a Bachelor's degree in Recreational Therapy and a minor in Psychology.  I am 23 years old and a certified RBT (registered behavior therapist) and AMT (autism movement therapist).  I am also the lead Motor Skills/OT therapist at Angels Reach Academy.  I've been working in the field for 4+ years specializing in children with disabilities.  I'm currently on the road to becoming an Occupational Therapist and I love to read and dance in my spare time.

Brian Davis

Lead RBT -Sensory Integration


Elizabeth Monteverde

Lead Teacher, Social Studies/Literature

Marisol Popovits

Instructor Drama, Spanish, The Denn (student entrepreneurship)

Cesia Luzardo

Instructor Art/Music

Joanne McCombs

Financial Officer

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